Integrerad trafikflygarutbildning

The Integrated Flight Flight Training is for those who want to train you to commercial airplane pilot through full-time studies. The training takes you from your very first flight to commercial pilot with the opportunity to search for major airlines such as SAS, Ryanair and Norwegian. After about two years of study, you will receive a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with frozen ATPL for an international career with the ability to upgrade to the Captain in the future.

Pilot formation includes:
  • Full-time studies to become commercial pilot for approximately 18-24 months.
  • From beginners all the way to CPL with frozen ATPL (including ME, IR and MCC) in accordance with EASA’s Integrated Flight Training Regulations.
  • Total 204 hours flight time of which some time in simulator. Practicing the simulator means that the student can practice in highly advanced exercises, which is impossible without simulator, time after time until the student manages to maneuver the aircraft correctly.
  • Practical flight training in simulator during the MCC phase of the education.

Flight in Scandinavian weather conditions, which makes the students of Swedish Pilot Training really good pilots and students with this kind of education have very good reputation in the aviation industry. Possibility of student housing in close proximity to the pilot school at the airport in Gothenburg.

The fleet

Swedish Pilot Training has a state-of-the-art airplane in international class- 4 Diamond Diamond DA40TDI

The DA42 simulator is a copy of Diamond Aircraft’s popular two-engine DA42. Students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the aircraft’s behavioral patterns, procedures and systems during simulation training.

If you have attended Swedish Pilot Training, the companies will know that the student comes out with a high quality, ”says Torbjörn Winsell, CEO of Swedish Pilot Training.

To take the first step to being a pilot – sign up for the Recruitment Day and learn more about the Swedish Pilot Training Integrated Traffic Flight Training.

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